Monday, October 26, 2015

Rainy Day Blues

Houston had up to 11 inches of rain this past weekend Thanks to Hurricane Patricia... SO you can imagine the weekend was well spent inside the comfort of my home.. But I did get out onto my backyard to show you guys a nice Rainy day outfit... This is my go to outfit for day like this 1. because it's effortless and 2. because it involves my Hunter rain boots... These rain boots have been one of my best buys due to them being so stylish and they do come in handy...!! I Promise!!! haha... And I'll let you in on a secret My boots are Children's size 4... haha which fit US size 6 perfectly... and are half the price of the adult boot... Yes Half the PRICE!!! $80 US dollars to be exact while the adult sizes are $160.... Geez... So If you can fit them I'd suggest to get the children's size and save the money... I was also excited to receive my second Rocksbox in the mail this weekend... It included this Loren Hope statement necklace that just took my Rainy day Blues away... And well it happens to be a light baby blue and it's so perfect.. I mean if you don't have a Loren Hope piece you need one because the quality of this jewelry is so worth the price... It will be an investment you won't regret....

Hope Ya'll Enjoy...

Hunter Rain Boots

Boyfriend shirt

Loren Hope Necklace

XOXO, Alia Diane 

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