Thursday, September 29, 2016

Date Night Dress

Happy Fall!!! I hope your Fall is going well so far. In Texas we are actually have pretty great weather with highs in the 80's... that's amazing for Texas. Hopefully it will only get cooler from here on out. In other news, this little Lace dress is perfect for date night. My husband took me to the Opera and it was a hit. I had a lady stop me and tell me how gorgeous it was. It's light weight and loose so that means it's forgiving for the big dinner you might have on date night. Any who.. I'm shooting Fall outfits this Saturday and have so many awesome things to show you.. Can't wait... Stay Cool lovelies... 

Floral Lace Dress




Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Flowy Tunic

First of all, What is a Tunic? A Tunic is a loose garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to the wearer's knees. When I saw this Flowy Tunic on I was instantly in Love...It just speaks to my inner creative soul. I usually try to stick to pieces of clothing that are true to my style and this piece is so true to who I am that I have to remind myself I cannot wear it every day (unless your not seeing the same people the next day them maybe a repeat outfit isn't so bad). LOL This tunic can be worn in the hot summer and carry you into fall by pairing it with shorts or jeans. It has a great cut out details in the front and on the sleeves that makes it light enough to wear in this Texas heat. In other news Houston is expecting to see cool weather next week; I will Keep my Fingers crossed but I won't hold my breath...LOL

Flowy tunicLove this tunic dress option !

Rayne Necklace

Wedge ShoeAnother option

See you Soon!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Pleated Midi Skirt

The Midi skirt is a great Fall essential it can keep your cool on a warm Fall day. In Texas we see Fall very late in the season... I mean it's practically winter before we feel Fall. SO this skirt is a great way to dress more like fall and still keep cool. When I saw this Pleated Midi Skirt from Ann Taylor (unfortunately it's sold out) it just stood out so much because it's so vibrant and playful. Also this plain off-the-shoulder tee is a great go-to piece and its only $12... OMG... I Have it in every color and it pairs with so much.

Off-the-Shoulder Tee... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Pleated Midi SkirtAnother option

Tassel EarringsSunglasses

Peep Toe Sandal

Phone Case

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

3 Ways to Style a Silk Cami: Part 3

The last look for this Silk Cami is the most casual look. This look is a go to mom outfit because it's easy and chic. It is easy to pull together and the old school sneakers just add some street style to the outfit. This Cami can be styled so many other ways and the possibilities are up to your imagination. Which look is your favorite? 

Distressed ShortsCheaper Version

TeeSilk Cami

Adidas Superstar Love these!!
See you soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

3 Ways to Style a Silk Cami: Part 2

The second way I styled this Lace Trim Silk Cami is with a pair of Jeans and Chic light Jacket. This look is a casual effortless look and I really like the way the jacket complements the Cami.

Photos by: ddpittariphotography

Lace Trim Cami , White Jeans

Wedge Sandal , Want These!!!

Bomber Jacket , Want this one...!!!

Camo Jacket , Sunglasses

Another Cami
See you Soon!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3 Ways to Style a Silk Cami: Part 1

I bought this Lace trim Silk Cami at such a great price point that I had to share with you how versatile it is and why it's a Fashion staple. First of all, What is a Fashion Staple? I think of a Fashion Staple as pieces of clothing that are versatile, don't go out of style, and is not considered a trendThe First way I styled this Cami is by paring it with a chic pair of shorts; this makes the look casual yet dressy and a great look for warm Fall nights. 

Lace Trim Silk Cami Love this (both on sale) 

ShortsLove these on Sale

Peep toe HeelLove these

See you Soon!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

DIY Choker

So along with other 90's trends that have made a come back the Choker Necklace is my favorite. I have seen so many choker necklaces ranging from $10-$20 US dollars... What??? Were they that expensive in the 90's? Too expensive in my book so I picked up some items from my local craft store and made my own. This DIY is quick and easy and cost under $10 for two types of chokers. 

Supplies needed: Ribbon of choice ( I chose a ribbon with a velvet trim) , Chord of choice ( I chose a soft suede chord) , Metal ribbon crimps, and Charm (if preferred). Scissors, pliers, and Measuring tool.
Scrapbook Ribbon, Beading cord, Metal Crimp, and small Charm.

First, cut the ribbon to the size wanted. I cut mine to 13.5 in. You should measure it around your neck and take into consideration the size of the metal crimp you are using. Next, fold the ribbon into a point at the end. 

Lastly, clamp the metal Crimp in place with your pliers. Repeat for other side.

And then try on your new Choker.... 

The next choker is made from a Soft Suede chord. First, measure the chord and cut to preferred size. I used 78" (6.5'). 

Next, Place ribbon around your neck with one side longer then the other. 

Then wrap the long side around neck until both sides are even.

Lastly, Tie a ribbon to make a cute bow or leave to hang.

You can add a charm to the ribbon to personalize if desired. Cute easy and very inexpensive to make....

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Currently Craving

Hello All, Today I'm sharing my Currently Craving list.. I will try and post a Currently Carving list once a month to keep you up to date on what is currently on trend or amazing sales. These closet staples will transition to fall and not break the bank... White Jeans after Labor day? Well YES!!! I'm a white Jeans all year long kind of girl. They pair with so much and pull a look together without trying. Bell sleeves will be a big hit this Fall along with chunky chokers. Pair it all together with a open toe bootie or lace-up heel and you're ready for Fall.