Saturday, September 3, 2016

DIY Choker

So along with other 90's trends that have made a come back the Choker Necklace is my favorite. I have seen so many choker necklaces ranging from $10-$20 US dollars... What??? Were they that expensive in the 90's? Too expensive in my book so I picked up some items from my local craft store and made my own. This DIY is quick and easy and cost under $10 for two types of chokers. 

Supplies needed: Ribbon of choice ( I chose a ribbon with a velvet trim) , Chord of choice ( I chose a soft suede chord) , Metal ribbon crimps, and Charm (if preferred). Scissors, pliers, and Measuring tool.
Scrapbook Ribbon, Beading cord, Metal Crimp, and small Charm.

First, cut the ribbon to the size wanted. I cut mine to 13.5 in. You should measure it around your neck and take into consideration the size of the metal crimp you are using. Next, fold the ribbon into a point at the end. 

Lastly, clamp the metal Crimp in place with your pliers. Repeat for other side.

And then try on your new Choker.... 

The next choker is made from a Soft Suede chord. First, measure the chord and cut to preferred size. I used 78" (6.5'). 

Next, Place ribbon around your neck with one side longer then the other. 

Then wrap the long side around neck until both sides are even.

Lastly, Tie a ribbon to make a cute bow or leave to hang.

You can add a charm to the ribbon to personalize if desired. Cute easy and very inexpensive to make....

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