Friday, November 4, 2016

32 But Who's Counting

Time seems to speed up the older you get; today I turned 32 years young. I like to say it this way because I believe that time has a precious meaning the older you get. It becomes more of living for the moment, rather than living for the event. Today, I worked on my birthday, and to think that five years ago I might have taken the day off to do something irrelevant to my life. You see, I work with adult with disabilities whose time is more precious than you think. These people count on me for assisting them in making life changing decisions. So today, I spent my Birthday and my time helping others because every moment counts, and so I choose to believe that I’m not growing older but I’m growing younger yet wiser. 

My outfit today is a tribute to the beautiful colors of the fall and it represents my inner 70’s child. I styled it with a perfect fall accessory; a wooden watch that keeps track of my time. The company JORD was founded in 2013 and they create unique wooden watches. In a time when watch companies are focusing on the smart watch that can fill your day with emails, messages, and social media. JORD watches created a timeless yet modern piece that simply tells time because being able to stay in the moment without the interruptions of our modern day lives is fleeting. JORD wants you to make time count and this watch does exactly that. Its light weight and smells of the wood it was made from. The packaging it came in is as unique as the watch itself being made of wood etched with the JORD logo. My women’s watch makes for a great fall and winter accessory that goes well with anything. I paired it with all of my fall and winter outfits to come because I wanted to show you that this watch not only encompasses what the company was trying to show you, but it also becomes a part of your inner style. 

I will be running an amazing Giveaway for a $75 e- gift card to JORD watches…. So don’t waste any time and get to picking out your unique wood watch…

Giveaway link is here:

It’s Simple!! Click on the link and fill out the application; JORD will contact the winner… Also remember Contest winner gets a $75 e-gift code to the shop, and will be automatically selected and emailed. All other entrants receive a $20 e-gift code automatically emailed to them just for entering. 

The contest will close 11/27/2016 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/2017.

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