Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello Spring





Hello Spring… Don’t you just love the new life that emerges with spring? A since of renewal has started in my life this spring. Me and the hubby celebrated our one year anniversary in February and let me tell you marriage has been a journey. An exciting journey, a joyous journey, and a learning experience. What do you mean by this Alia?? Isn’t the first year all flowers and butterflies? Well let me tell you it has been an amazing first year of marriage with my hubby, as he is truly my soul mate. He’s strong when I’m weak, logical when I’m irrational, and organized when I’m truly and absolutely disorganized. So what’s the struggle in the first year of marriage?

Clearly hubz and I are good; despite the occasional spat about what to eat and where to park we are on all levels in love. No, this first year of my marriage I had to learn to love and let go of friendships. Let me tell you this is not an easy fleet. Letting go of what seemed to be everlasting is hard and it’s easy to lose sight of who you are in the process. I went through a serious grieving process and now that I’m on the other end I feel better for it, but are the feelings of sadness ever over; absolutely No.

You see grieving happens all throughout our lives and it doesn’t just come with death. No we grieve for various reasons in our lives; the loss of a loved one, relationships ending, and relationships beginning. You see, since our lives are ever changing we are always having to say hello and good bye to various stages in our lives and that anxiety or sadness you feel in those stages, well that’s grieving. I once read an article that spoke about how new parents grieve the loss of their old lives together. What once was two became three and the romance they once shared is now frantic with 3 am bottle feedings and 5 hours of sleep.

SO why am I bringing this up?? Well to move on in one’s life you must grieve what you lost and make a new. Losing a good friend is never easy especially when you don’t understand why you lost them in the first place. I may never understand what took those friendships away I can speculate but speculations are never the truth. After grieving it’s important to remember that not all losses are terrible. Some relationships are only supposed to last a season and others a lifetime.
So what’s the Renewal in this lesson? The loss of friendship brings the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends or to renew a friendship once thought to be lost. A renewed meaning of hope and happiness comes after the grieving. A feeling of being accepted and loved in a world where it’s easy to feel left out and unaccepted. 

Also wanted to point out this great spring dress that of course features a floral print. It caught my eye when scrolling through Facebook one day.You know the ads of things you might enjoy. Well Facebook knew me enough to know I'd be so into this beautiful dress. It's fresh and girly and not to mention totally sexy. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for stopping by Lovelies...

My outfit details: Dress | Bag | Shoes | Hat

Photos by: De Anna Pittari