Saturday, April 15, 2017

What is Living Loved?

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“Live from the abundant place that you are loved, and you won’t find yourself begging others for scraps of love”

Hello all, I hope that you are having a great Easter weekend. Today I wanted to speak about the concept of Living Loved! I recently purchased the book Uninvited by Lisa TerKeurst that speaks on Living loved when you feel less then, left out, and lonely. I haven’t made it through the entire book but what I have read has me on fire for the concept of Living Loved. I will try and speak about several of the teachings in this book throughout my blog, but today I want to talk about What the mind focuses on? 

“The mind feasts on what it focuses on. What consumes my thinking will be the making or the breaking of my identity” 

Many times we find ourselves focusing on what was said or not said by others. For instance if someone makes a remark about my blog I may smile politely and say thank you. I then walk away and my mind starts to wander; the Line “ I saw you modeling on Facebook girl” becomes the label “ You are not pretty enough to be a model” and finally the lie is “I am not worthy”. The thought of not being worthy becomes a script of self- rejection that comes with fear, doubt, and insecurities. You see I have projected these thoughts on this person with out them even saying the words you are not worthy. But why? 

“Rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what’s been said to me” 

Our thoughts and words say a lot about us. They speaks to what we are thinking and what has been said or taught to us in the past. If we continue to hold on to these teachings we then project them onto other people we meet or try to have a relationship with. Maybe we’ve learned these negative thoughts through past relationships with friends, family, or even parents. Maybe we have been rejected and felt unwanted. But why does every person we meet have to wear these badges?  What if we are even projecting these thoughts onto God? You cannot change the present with broken thoughts of yourself and you cannot build anew with old broken pieces. God is unchanging he is all loving and overall he is good. So why are we projecting anything less than Love. Saying the words “I’m yours, God” and truly believe this can change us so much. The negative thoughts then becomes I’m not what others have said I am, I’m not who Instagram likes says I am, I’m not what the scale says I am. Rather, I am loved. I am Yours. I am forever yours God. But how do we incorporate this into our everyday lives? 

The three questions: Is God good?, Is God good to me?, Do I trust God to be God? 

First of all you must answer these questions with truth not feelings. Is God good? This question we think is easy enough but how many times have we doubted that God was good and good to everyone. God’s plans have always been good for us this is never changing. Although we do suffer in this life time in the end we must trust that God is good and has good plans for us. Is God good to me? At times it is easy to wonder if God is good to you but we must remember that it is our feelings that question if God is good to us. It is our flesh that tells us that we may not be loved by God but what we fail to realize is that God lives in us and will never leave us. Even through my hardest and darkest days God will never leave me so therefore I know God is good to me. Do I trust God to be God? We must trust God to be good at being God and allow him to flood our lives with his goodness; do not get weary and worry because it is when we worry that we forget God is good at being God and this to shall pass. 

“ Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” - Psalm 37:4 

Once we answer these three questions we can better understand what Living Loved is about, but how do we practice this in our everyday lives. Well I can’t lie I’m still learning how to incorporate this in my life; I wake up daily with negative thoughts of myself. I do know that starting each day with positive thoughts of God loving me and being good to me will put me on the right track, so what if we started each day longing for his love and grace and not longing for the love of others? If God will never leave us or forsake us then why do we leave him and forsake his love? We are constantly searching for the love and acceptance of others that we forget about the love that God longs to give us each and everyday. Sorry if this was a long post but I just wanted to put a little positive energy into your lives. I hope you all wake up tomorrow knowing that you are Living Loved.

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I wanted to say Thank you to Lisa TerKeurst if for some reason you might have stumbled onto my little blog you should know that your words have taught me so much.

Please note that some of these words are not my own and that I'm simply trying to summarize what the book is teaching.

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