Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jacquard Mini skirt

Hello All... Sorry for the late post but I did promise to show you this fun little weekend outfit. I'm calling it this because this cute Jacquard mini skirt from Express is the perfect for a fall transitioning in Houston. It can be worn dressed up to go out or dressed down in the colder weather. I will try and post another look with this cute skirt to show you how it can be worn in colder weather when the cold decides to grace us in Houston. I chose to pair this skirt with a vintage tee; Well vintage looking lol... The boots just give an extra boost so you can wear this outfit on a girls night out. The scarf worn on my boot is a Tiny detail that can make any outfit a little more interesting. This beautiful scarf was designed by Lexicon of Style and she sales these beauties on her website http://lexiconofstyle.co/ I was able to meet her this past weekend in Austin. Lex was so sweet and down to earth and is such an inspiration to bloggers and entrepreneurs. Go Check out her timeless scarf collection, you won't regret adding one to your wardrobe. 

Jacquard Mini Skirt

Vintage tee

Suede bootie

Eiffel Scarf

Clutch from Sam Moon Less then $15 https://sammoon.com/

Olympia Scarf worn on wrist

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